Solidarity Statement – en

Declaration of Solidarity

Ecologically, economically and socially snustainable food production is important for the future of agriculture and for our society. In this sense, cost-covering prices and a fair remuneration for farmers play an important role. They are necessary for allowing sustainability to be achieved in the first place.

Chronic overproduction, which has become the rule today, prevents cost-covering prices and is extremely damaging to agriculture within and outside of Europe. The negative consequences of overproduction are also clearly noticeable beyond the agricultural sector, e.g. for the environment.

I hereby declare my solidarity with:

  • the introduction of a management system for the dairy market, so that production can be adapted to the market situation and overproduction be prevented, thus enabling producers to cover their costs.
  •  making (crisis) instruments such as voluntary production cuts or a Market Responsibility Programme (MRP) part of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and of the national legislation of other European countries, in order to achieve these important goals.

If these conditions are fulfilled, it will finally also be possible for us producers to show solidarity with the wishes of the population. This way, local production will have a chance everywhere in the world and nature and natural resources will be respected. In addition, the milk price will then allow us to cover our cost of production and subsidies will thus be unnecessary.